Game Design

We are currently developing a multiplayer survival game.


When released we’re going to look at the pricing for our game, however we’ll try and keep the price low considering it is a multiplayer game and we want more players to fill our servers.

Continuous Support

When the game is released we’ll give it our all to continue support for our game. It is our game after all.


We’ll be relesing our game on Steam for PC user only. we’ll try and make it avalable on Epic games and for console user in the future.


We hope that we’ll build a comunity that will give featback on features and share their ideas to us

Project Management

We’ll be starting with the game’s basic mechanics then we’ll improve our mechanics for user friendliness. We’ll then start on extra game mechanics for example: using a fuse to power on/off a light. After that’s done we’ll make a start on our 3D models and textures for terrain. After that’s done the finetuning will start: Animations, Movement, finetuning mechanics, fixing bugs, etcetera. all and all small improvements.

Game engine

We are skilled at Unreal engine and considering Unreal Engine is top of the game engines in our eye’s, we’ll be using this engine for our game.

Our Graphics pipeline

Considering good mechanics and beautiful looking games make for the best games we’ll share what we’ll be using for our graphics.

Blender Logo With Text


Great software to create 3D models while at the same time being able to sculpt, rig and animate, bake textures and render textures.


Materialize is a easy way to create texture maps from a Base Color map or a picture taken from a camera. This is how we create our own Textures.

Materialize Logo
Photoshop Logo


Photoshop is a great tool for making textures and cloud maps for randomization. It is also easy to edit the color and alpha layers of an image.

Substance 3D Painter

Substance painter is a great tool for creating realistic material from edge wear to dust collecting on the mesh, it will make your material look amazing.

Substance 3D Painter Logo With Text
Unreal Engine 5 Logo with text

Unreal Engine 5.3

Unreal Engine 5.3 is a powerful game engine. It’s one of the best game developing game engine for realistic looking games. with the new technology named nanite, nanite is used for mesh and vegetation optimization.

“Never Stop At The Imposable”

Jasper Koomen

CEO, Olivier K. Designs

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